TBT: Embarrassing Stories

Remember when the only way to find out which TGIF character you were was to fill out an actual quiz on a hard copy of a magazine? Back in our betchhood, the teen magazine held a special place in our hearts. I mean, the internet existed but it was more like going dumpster diving than shopping in a department store. Now the internet has made it easier to read articles, look up celebrity pictures, and even take personality quizzes. But there’s one thing we miss from magazines, and that’s the embarrassing stories section.

Reading the embarrassing stories section was our favorite pastime at sleepovers or fifth period English. When we found out that not every magazine had this section, we could only think to ask, “Do you not want your magazine to be good?” Looking at you, Scientific American. Literally the best part of a magazine other than the occasional fold-up poster of Chad Michael Murray was reading about how Brittany, 16, had her boob pop out in front of her crush at the pool.

Some embarrassing stories were better than others. For some reason, boobs popping out was a common occurrence. TBH we’re now almost certain none of these were real, but it kept us on our toes for nip slips since, according to the stories, this was almost inevitable in high school. There was also the classic “period on white pants” story. Never a more mortifying way to realize you’re not pregnant than have your crush realize it while you’re standing in front of the entire classroom. Ugh, we are already getting anxious thinking about it.

We could have read an entire textbook of embarrassing stories from teen magazines. If it weren’t for Ashley, 15, having her tissues fall out of her shirt while running the mile in PE, we would probably have read a lot less in our betchy teenage years. So cheers to your embarrassing stories, and thanks for the entertainment. If we could bring these back, we would.


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