Billboard Dad: Throwback Thursday

Back in 1998, dating on TV went something like this: girl meets boy in the frozen food aisle of a grocery store, he asks for her number, she agrees to a date, and he picks her up at 8pm on Friday night.  Simple. Before text messaging, smart phones, and ghosts. That’s when Billboard Dad came in, the original online dating ad.

Billboard Dad reminds us of a time when things were simpler.  Back when the Olsen twins were still cute and hadn’t gone to rehab.  It was a genius idea for these teen twins to put an ad to date their dad on a billboard. Honestly it’s probably what inspired that guy who put his face all over New York looking for a girlfriend, and anyone else who has taken to Craigslist in search of a boyfriend(s). 

Though TBH Billboard Dad was probably more like J Date than Tinder, since it was his daughters that created the ad for him and he had no idea what was happening until ladies started lining up at his door.

Also, Mary Kate was a pro diver and Ashley was into surfing and “sporty” was an adjective people used to describe themselves thanks to the Spice Girls.  It was pretty betchy of them to write themselves up as talented athletes in their own movies that always succeed at finding love, whether it was for themselves or for their dad.

MK and Ashley had some great films straight to DVD movies, including It Takes Two and When in Rome, but Billboard Dad holds a sweet place in our hearts because we love our dads and would do the same in their situation.


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