Taylor Swift Wins The Taylor Swift Award—Yes, Really

Taylor Swift reached peak Taylor Swift this week by accepting an award for…well…being Taylor Swift. That’s right, at the BMI Pop Awards (which I’ve never heard of in my life btw) on Tuesday night, Swift was awarded the both Pop Songwriter of the Year and the newly instituted Taylor Swift award, which she was, IMHO, very qualified to receive.

Swift, who has already won just about every award for music there is, had this to say about the honor:

“If they had chosen somebody else, I’d be, like, kind of bummed about it…”

Well said, Taylor! Well said. Now the only question that’s left to answer here is, will somebody else win the Taylor Swift award next year? Or does Taylor just automatically win it every year until she dies at which point We, The People will take to the ballot box and a elect a new, more powerful, Taylor Swift?

Honestly, I’m happy with either scenario. 


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