Taylor Swift Has Reached A Whole New Level Of Pettiness

If you don’t know every detail of the Kim and Kanye vs. Taylor Swift feud, you need to turn on E! and reevaluate the shittiness that is your life rn because it’s everywhere. The whole thing is fucking amazing mainly because it’s just Kim K. ruining TSwift’s fake AF nicegirl act AKA her entire life. Now she just needs to turn her attention to Anne prinCESS-of-Genovia Hathaway and all will be right with the world. Well maybe not all. The world as a whole is in fucking shambles but, ya know, pop culture.

The only downside is that Taylor isn’t just dying fading away into oblivion liked we’d all hoped. Fucking cockroach. To try and save her ass, TMZ reports Taylor might sue the Wests for secretly recording their conversation, which apparently is a felony in California. Seriously? A felony? Don’t y’all have real problems to prosecute people over in California? Anyway, that’s beside the point because my beef isn’t with the Cali government. It’s with Taylor, obvi.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West nodding

Are you really gonna take this shit to court because you’re salty AF about having your shit put on blast by a Kardashian? Can’t you just shake it off? Or is that just for your exes that you like to embarrass in your stupid songs? Oh I see… So now you’re annoying, petty and a hypocrite. It’s like the trifecta for people I hate. But go ahead and sue. The last time I checked, the Kardashians still call on good ole Robert Shapiro to handle their legal troubles. I’m no lawyer or anything, but I feel like if he can get O.J. Simpson off for “allegedly” murdering two people, Kim and Kanye will be fine. Also, some are reporting that since Taylor was on speakerphone, her case might not even be legit anyway. Stay tuned, because this drama isn’t going away anytime soon, much like Taylor herself. 

Taylor Swift loser


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