Taylor Swift’s Platinum Hair Is Gone, Just Like Our Respect For Her

Taylor Swift’s platinum shaggy bob is gone. It’s a tale as old as time: New boyfriend, new hair. It’s just that this tale also involves an incredibly famous and incredibly insane musical artist deciding to put a naked wax figurine of you in his bizarre music video, the same week his wife told the world you were a two-faced LIAR.

If you think these current events have nothing to do with Taylor Swift’s recent hair change, then you might have less time on your hands to think about it than I do.

Tay’s makeunder has been gradually happening right under our eyes. Over the last few weeks she’s cooled it on her Debbie Harry aesthetic. When on June 15th Tay was photographed with Tom Hiddleston, she looked like she walked right of an Eddie Bauer store. But it was probably all this Kanye and Kim Kardashian fuckery that really made her want to retreat back to a 2013 Taylor. A sandy-haired Taylor who was (marginally) less annoying.

Does this mean she will return to her “roots”, so to speak? Does this mean she wants to erase the past few years? Does this mean she’s embarrassed of the aforementioned platinum shaggy bob and/or her life choices??? You heard it here first. We may or may not be witnessing a fall from grace. (Fingers crossed.)


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