You’ll Never Guess What Taylor Swift’s New Video Is About

Taylor Swift released the video for “Out of the Woods,” what feels like the 40th single off her 2014(!) album “1989.” This song, if you’re unfamiliar, is totally unlike her other ones in that… Just kidding. It’s about boys! Specifically, some guy she dated but (shocker) is no longer dating. The video is, well, something else:


It’s some strange combination of horror/fantasy/foot fetishism, where Taylor is chased by a bunch of wolves (boys? Haterz? Katy Pery?). They do NOT tear her seasonally inappropriate dress off, which is a bummer, and then she, like, has sex with a tree? Not really sure. Then this shit happens:


This happens, mind you, just after she walks out of the (literal) woods to (literally) find her (literal) self, because subtlety is Taylor Swift’s middle name. Speaking of, this video dropped on New Year’s Eve, which means that TSwift gambled that people would be more interested in her music video than champagne toasts and sloppy tongue kissing that night.

Judging by the video’s 15mm+ views, she was right! Way to go, America.


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