Taylor Swift Officially Describes Her Dance Moves As Mom Crooning

In the worst buzzword since 'momager,' Taylor Swift has coined her own term for her ~ special ~ dance moves – “the mom croon” Somebody asked her via Twitter what she called the dance move she performed during the 2014 Grammy's, and responded with this fucking novel:

“A dance move invented at the 2014 Grammy Awards. To sway, perform, and sing along to a song in an extremely emotional or sentimental way, possibly incorporating hand gestures. Eyes closed, lost in the music. The way your mom gets taken away by a tune from her high school days, glass of red wine in hand, shuffling around the room as her teenage kids roll their eyes in disdain.

“Cynics may judge the Mom-Crooners (MC's as they are commonly referred to in the dance world) as it is a form of dance only perfected by those willing to be absolutely swept away by the feels you get when you hear a certain song. Those who know how to Mom Croon cannot see the eye rolls of haters. They have reached a level of musical transcendence that is hater-proof. Once you perfect the mom croon, you are truly free.”

The only response to that is “Read at 2:49 pm.” I feel like everyone under the age of 25 did a massive eye roll and then danced “the mom-croon” after a bottle of wine later that night while everyone over the age of 25 connected with that description on a deep, personal level.


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