The VMA Nominations Are Out, And None For Taylor Swift Bye

I fucking live for the VMAs. Say what you want about MTV, but some serious pop culture history has gone down at their little awards show. The beginning of the epic feud that is Kanye West and Taylor Swift? VMAs. Britney slaying with a living, breathing python? VMAs. You get the point. But tbh, IDGAF about the actual awards. Probs because I don’t really watch music videos. But this year is different because the biggest thing to happen all year in the world of music was a music video. And if you don’t realize I’m talking about Beyoncé’s Lemonade, you need to get it together.

real housewives gif

This year’s nominations came out earlier this week, and Queen Bey is obvi leading the pack. Fucking duh. Adele and Kanye are up there too since the vids for “Hello” and “Famous” are pretty cool too. The best news, though? Annoying human of the year Taylor Swift didn’t get one nomination. LOL. I bet she is so ready for this month to be over. Shit’s been a doozy.

lauren conrad crying

This is actually a BFD because normally Taylor Swift dominates the VMAs. Last year she got more nods than anyone else for “Bad Blood”, and she’s taken home six of the astronaut statues over the course of her career. So to go from that to nothing? Sucks. Some people are saying maybe she wasn’t eligible because her newest album came out like, two years ago. But whatevs. An award show with zero chance of TSwift getting on stage and doing a weird fucking dance or lying her bony ass off (see 2016 Grammys) during an acceptance speech? I’ll take it.

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