Taylor Swift Missed The VMAs Because Of “Jury Duty”

We kind of knew for a while that Taylor Swift had no VMA nominations so there would be no real reason for her to attend this year’s awards, but still, her fake surprised face and awkward noodle-y dancing were sorely missed last night. While most of us assume she passed on the 2016 VMAs because she didn’t want to be the target of Kanye’s 4-minute rant (even though she kind of was anyway), Taylor may have had a more legitimate reason: jury duty.

Taylor conveniently had jury duty in Tennessee around the same time of the VMAs. Seems legit. But like, the VMAs were filmed on a Sunday night—what court house is open on a Sunday? Sure, I guess you could factor in travel time if Taylor had to be there first thing Monday morning or something, but she could easily afford her own private plane to Tennessee, so that really isn’t an excuse. All I’m saying is, she could have made it work if she really wanted to be there. And are we really expected to believe that of all the times she could’ve been called to jury duty, she just so happened to get summoned right before the VMAs? It all seems convenient—too convenient, if you ask me.

Whatever her real reason for missing the VMAs (and we all know it’s because Kim and Kanye were going to be there; this isn’t fooling anyone), Taylor looks like she was living it up. Leave it to Taylor Swift to have fun at jury duty. I should send her to the DMV in my place the next time I need to get my license renewed.

Anyway, Taylor was spotted posing for selfies with her fellow jurors and even signing autographs, which has got to be ethically questionable at best. Like, it’s great that she’s nice to her fans and all, but if I were sitting trial for some crime and had to spend extra time in jail because the jurors on my case spent all their deliberation time fangirling, I’d be piiiiissed.


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