Taylor Swift Desperate To Look Edgy In New Vogue Cover

Taylor Swift is not exactly known for her edginess. For someone who’s had like a million boyfriends, she somehow manages to seem perfectly appropriate for all her fans who aren’t old enough to drive a car. Tbh, her edgiest moment up until now was a lyric about eating breakfast at midnight. Really, Taylor? Breakfast is meant for morning!!

Well, Tay always has a new trick up her sequined sleeve, and Taylor’s cover for next month’s Vogue is probably her biggest transformation yet. The whole photoshoot basically looks like Taylor wanted to dress like Lady Gaga or Sia, but was afraid to wear, like, a leotard or something crazy. Instead, she went for wet hair, lots of flowy long dresses, and huge platform shoes. The overall effect isn’t bad, but it pretty much looks nothing like her.

In Taylor’s long history of trying way too hard, this definitely isn’t the most cringeworthy moment, but it falls on the worse end of the scale. If anything, this probably proves that Taylor only got an Anna Wintour haircut to kiss some asses into giving her another Vogue cover. Deep down, Taylor’s just another nicegirl who somehow got famous, and she’ll always be her annoying self.


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