Taylor Swift Keeps Bullying New People To Be Her Friend

Last week, Taylor Swift was seen out and about with some new friends. Despite being truly, truly awful (i.e. Satan in human form), Taylor still—somehow?—keeps making friends. She knows friends. She has the best friends.

Donald Trump

Taytay was spotted in NYC with some fresh minions: the poorly cast 50 Shade of Grey actress, Dakota Johnson; Lenny Kravitz’s daughter, Zoë; and tennis champion Serena Williams.

I ain't sorry

But that’s not all. The night before, she was apparently getting drinks with Sienna Miller and Aziz Ansari.

Tom Haverford

NOT AZIZ! Taylor, you can take all of the boring A- and B-list actresses you need to feel whole again—and even one of America’s greatest athletes—but please, leave Tom Haverford out of this.

Tom Haverford money


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