Taylor Swift is Hosting Next Year’s Met Gala

Just when we thought Taylor Swift was finally going to give us a break next year, she strikes again. Taylor will be one of the chairs of the Met Gala next May. The Met Gala is always one of the most exciting nights of the year for fashion, and of course Taylor will be super excited to get in there and annoy everyone. The other chairs this year are Idris Elba (he was in that movie Obsessed with Beyoncé), Jonathan Ive (he designs the iPhone), and Anna Wintour (duh).

The theme will be fashion and technology, so we can only hope the lady who did the voice for Siri gets an invite. Taylor will probably show up wearing something dumb, but at least she has a long time to plan. As for us, we’ll be spending the next six months coming up with the best possible drinking game to make it through the night.


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