Taylor Swift Is Like, Goth Now

Vogue says it best, could “[T] Swift be ushering her squad into darker territory”? It looks like she could be shaking off her “nice girl” look. Think about it: the new haircut, the all-black sequined bodysuit she wore at the Grammys, and now she’s caught in public wearing all black with black punk-esque platform boots. So goth, amirite?

Forgetting the whole, annoying AF aspect of T Swift, I am all about this outfit though. All black, casual slutty but not overtly slutty vibe, expensive bag, yup, that’s pretty much the betchy outfit checklist right there. I could get on board with this Bad Blood IRL version of the Swifty. Who knows, maybe it’s Calvin Harris turning her into a badass? Because I feel like the country-singing 2006 Taylor never would have worn those platform booties—unless she was trying to impress a coked-out DJ. Just saying.


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