Taylor Swift Is Getting Her Own TV Channel Because 2016 Doesn’t Suck Enough Already

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Taylor Swift, which is a nice change of pace from her usual attention-whore agenda. Even her Friendsgiving wasn’t as nauseating as I thought it would be. But the vacation from TSwift is coming to an end: She announced a deal with AT&T to get her own channel, called Taylor Swift Now (kill me) for her music videos. As much as I want to hate this, the “Blank Space” music video had a higher production value than any original series on NBC.

Blank Space

This is a pretty bold move for Taylor, considering that the last time she was caught on video, it didn’t end well. But, if there is a modern celebrity that is in the hunt for an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony Awards) it’d be Ms. Swift. I can totally see her lobbying for an Emmy Award for Best Original Mini-Series. And then losing to Beyoncé.

If Taylor is staying true to herself than this will be exclusive to AT&T customers and cost extra fees just like her Tidal and iTunes exclusives. Would I pay money to watch Taylor Swift make out with some male model whose life she’ll ruin after they break up in 6 months? Absolutely. Say what you will about Taylor—I can talk shit about her for months—but life is too short to pretend like I’m not going to secretly enjoy every second of hate-watching her videos.

Taylor Swift shrug


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