Taylor Swift Dumped Calvin Harris Over the Phone

In the most surprising news of 2016, Taylor Swift is kind of a hypocrite!! We found out over the weekend that when Taylor decided to break up with Calvin Harris, she did it with just a phone call. This is obviously not the classiest way to end things in any scenario, but it really sucks for Taylor because there’s video evidence of her shitting on Joe Jonas for breaking up with her over the phone. TBT:

We really don’t give a shit about Calvin Harris’ feelings (he’s a DJ for god’s sake), but it’s pretty shady of Taylor to whine to Ellen DeGeneres about Joe Jonas then turn around five years later and do the exact same thing. Not to mention, this all happened within a week of when Calvin was injured in a car crash and had to cancel his performance at Hangout Fest. Ice cold, Swift, ice cold.

Taylor, you really need to remember the golden rule: Think twice before you fuck someone over, because tomorrow they could be the one fucking you. We can’t wait to hear Calvin’s EDM track about Taylor being a bitch, probably dropping before Thanksgiving.


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