Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Are Probably Breaking Up

Looks like Taylor has made the tables turn on her romance with Calvin Harris.  According to Radaronline, she dumped him after photos surfaced of him going to a massage parlor that’s known for happy endings.  Lots of people go to massage parlors and get regular massages (we think), but Radaronline reports that Taylor was suspicious because Calvin keeps a masseuse on his staff and also WTF was he doing at a $40 massage place when he’s worth much more than that?  Maybe he tipped well?

This story is still unfolding and TBH we have a lot of questions, but Taylor isn’t the type to sit back when rumors fly, so we’re expecting a statement (or album) explaining all of this shortly.

But if we know anything about Taylor, she’ll probably break up with him at least three more times before this story is over.  I hope she reminded him that she is a nightmare dressed like a daydream as she was calling the whole thing off. Ten bucks says she texts Harry Styles this week just to “check in and see how life is.” Also, if her next album isn’t named Happy Endings than someone seriously dropped the ball. 



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