Taylor Swift’s Body Guard At Disneyland Looking Like He Wants To Die Is All Of Us

Taylor Swift gets overshadowed by a tall, expressionless person once again (sorry Karlie). Tay & Lily Alridge went to Disneyland, because that’s where the worst and most annoying humans go to have “sober” “fun” (lol). But the best part was that Tay Tay brought her body guard along on one of the rides, and shared this pic of him and his blasé demeanor.

OK honestly how many times a day/hour/second/nanosecond are you Taylor Swift’s body guard? Tbh I make this face more than I breathe. I am Taylor Swift’s body guard. Taylor Swift’s body guard is me. Taylor Swift’s body guard is us. And we are him. And he is everyone. He’s for the people and by the people. Taylor Swift’s body guard for president, goodbye. 


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