Taylor Swift and Hozier Might Be Hooking Up

It’s time to add another horse to Taylor Swift’s never-ending carousel of guys! Sam Smith hosted a Grammy after-party on Sunday, and apparently Tay and Hozier were talking/maybe kissing like the entire time.  They also went to a Haim concert together, so they’re obvi about to get married.  Hozier (is that his real name?) definitely seems a little grungier than Taylor’s usual type, but I guess once you’ve dated and/or written songs about half the men in Hollywood you have to broaden your horizons a little bit. This time next year, I’m sure we’ll all be listening to her new song “I Got Taken to Church” or some other bullshit that’s literally the least subtle. Whether or not they actually start dating, I’m already over it. The only real question that matters is who will be Tay’s next celeb bff???




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