Thigh Gap Feud Alert: T Swift vs. Amy Schumer

While we all knew this was going to happen sometime, Amy Schumer and T Swift are now in an Insta feud. Yup, it’s true. While T Swift was #42 dressing like a slut at the Grammys, Amy was def jealous judging her over a bottle of Pinot and decided to passive aggressively pick a fight on Insta. Amy was just doing what we were all thinking and yet it’s pissing people off for some reason.


Taylor that’s not a thigh gap. This is a thigh gap

A photo posted by @amyschumer on


Like come on, Amy was just joking around in her typical in-your-face way. And seriously T Swift, you know hate=love on the Internet—take it from the Kardashians, any Insta attention is good attention. I mean how can you wear a bandeau and literally not even a skirt, but a fucking leg cape and not expect to get some jealous hate posts? You slayed girl, but I think the rest of us are owed a few ounces of envy.


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