Taylor Swift Admits Her Life Is Not That Hard

Yeah, no shit.

Taylor went on a British Radio show this week hosted by someone named Nick Grimshaw and he asked her if her life on tour was hard.

Quote: “Sometimes I really don’t think it’s that hard at all.”

Ummmmm, What did you think she was going to say?

Ok, so maybe some other whiny celebs might complain about their status but we know Taylor generally tells it like it is. Her relentless honesty is a classic nice girl quality, but you have to admit it’s pretty refreshing for a pop star to admit her life is a fucking dream.  Also, I imagine her saying this with the same tone and cadence as Elle Woods explaining how she got into Harvard Law which makes it that much better.

Taylor did admit, “I do have to leave the cats behind when I leave the country, which is the hardest part.”

If the hardest part of going on your sold-out world tour is leaving your cats behind, then you live a pretty fucking charmed life. I’d leave my first-born child to rake in that kind of cash, easily.

TayTay also adds, “That’s my life and I chose this and I can’t then complain about it because then I’m a jerk, if you work that hard to get somewhere and then you get there and you’re like: ‘I hate this’”.

This sentence essentially proves that she’s the opposite person of Kanye West. Because Kanye complains about everything having to do with being famous, remember? Metaphor: If Kanye was a sullen, angry George Washington on a quarter, Taylor is the magnificent eagle on the opposite side of that coin spreading its wings toward riches and popularity.



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