1989 World Tour Live: A Review

Now that you’ve downloaded your free trial of Apple Music, seen the Taylor Swift concert video and promptly canceled your subscription, let’s review.

The video was shot in Sydney, Australia and covers the entire concert. In between songs Taylor comes on to discuss aspects of the show. “The challenge is that everyone has already looked up my set list on their smart phones and seen my costumes online.” She says, super slowly because she’s had a speech coach. “So I try to surprise people with special guests.”

I had no idea.

There are also some segments featuring her special guests. There’s her bit on Selena Gomez and Fifth Harmony (“She asked if I wanted to wear her extra costume and I was like.. duh”), and of course the time in London when all of her model friends come out and she preps them with nail polish. She talks about how she asked Mick Jagger to perform the day before, “and he just texts back: what will I wear?” “hahahahaha.”

Then there’s this quiet part when she talks about the Grammy’s three years ago when she thought she got Album of the Year but it went to Daft Punk for Random Access Memories and that night she couldn’t sleep and decided that whatever she did next had to be completely different. Then and there 1989 was born. All thanks to Daft Punk.

I won’t lie, the concert itself is pretty impressive. She does every song from 1989, hits Love Story and I Knew You Were Trouble, and did this kind of awesome mash up of Wildest Dreams and Enchanted, the world’s most underrated song. Look it up. She also casually performed in front of 40,000-70,000 people like 90 times and Apple clearly just raked it in with this deal. Take notes Spotify, that’s how you handle business criticism. Address the issue then make the criticizer your cash cow.

For the hardo fans there’s also a 30 minute interview available on Apple Music, where Taylor and some bald man talk about music while a stalker helicopters swirls and everyone contemplates how on earth she handles her overwhelming fame and everything gets kind of quiet and says, “I live my life behind blinds” and we realize how relatable she is then remember she made a million dollars everyday this year and we get over it.

PS – Quotes are made up. 


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