Target Is Partnering With Soul Cycle, Making Betchy Athleisure Affordable

If you live in any major city with a boutique fitness studio on each block and a green juice in each hand, you’ve probably seen the famous wheel logo on every girl’s spandex leggings. The Soul Cycle brand has taken over Long Island brunch toasts and Brentwood shopping convos for the past few years. But starting this month, this exclusive Soul apparel won’t just be for the riders who take selfies with their fav instructors post-class. Its true: you can officially find Soul gear at your local Target.

In an exclusive interview with Well+Good last week, Target EVP/ chief marketing officer Jeff Jones announced the news about the Soul Cycle and Target collaboration. Jones tells the wellness site, “As we enter this new year, we wanted to bring the same level of excitement to wellness that typically comes to life through our partnerships with top entertainers and designers.”

The collection only consists of four unisex pieces, featuring both the Soul Cycle branding and the Target bullseye logo. However, to kick off the line, Target will be hosting Soul Cycle pop-up classes across the country starting January 14th. People can actually sign up for free spots for three days, and then the paid classes will continue throughout ten cities until February 14th. So, whether you’re a die-hard rider who can tap it back in your sleep, or some wannabe that wants a free workout, embrace your basic betch and swing by Target to get your super affordable Soul athleisure. 


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