Girls Are Now Using Tape On Their Faces To Contour

I love a good contour as much as the next betch, but I feel like it has just gotten to be a bit much lately. First there was the standard Kim K Kontour, then clown contour, then strobing and we all thought baking was the end. And are we sure contouring is even a separate thing or are all of these just different words to describe putting on a shit ton of makeup? Regardless, there is a new method to this madness, contouring but with using scotch tape as a guide for your brush to get super accurate dark/light combos.
Seriously girls are now putting scotch tape on their faces so they can then just color by number till they look like a Kardashian circa 2010. I feel like if you can’t contour by now, putting tape on your face to sketch it out just seems a little desperate. You shouldn’t need a map to emphasize your cheekbones anyways. Bronzer and cover up do not require a PhD.

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