6 Popular Workouts That Are A Waste Of Time And Money

It’s 2018, which means there’s a gluten-free section on every brunch menu and a boutique fitness studio on every other block. Then again, our two main talking points these days are Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and Oprah Winfrey’s presidency. So like, what a time to be alive. But back to the workout thing, there are actually … Continued

The Types Of People You Should Never Be At The Gym

As betches hate doing work and love going out, we’re placed in an obvious moral predicament when it comes to working out. When running texting really hard on the treadmill, we often stop to wonder, am I doing too much work? But we immediately shake the thought away because like, can you imagine what kind … Continued

Beer Yoga Is A Thing Now, Sign Us Up

Honestly, super jealous of betches studying abroad in Australia right now, because Beer Yoga is becoming a thing in the land down under and it sounds fucking fantastic. Beer Yoga is literally exactly what the name implies: Yogis flock to practice the downward-facing dog together with a cold brew in hand. The magical concept started … Continued

Betches Love This Book: Soulmates

If Lululemon-clad socialites, creepy Marilyn Manson-esque cults, and bizarre sexual fantasies are your idea of a good time, then Soulmates is the fucking book for you. Jessica Grose’s second book combines love, lust, heartbreak and regret into a betchy rendition of the classic whodunit, set in the world of yoga fanatics and bored housewives. Honestly, … Continued