Why Jack Black Is The Ultimate Bae

As we all know, there are guys we meet when we’re younger and tolerate because we’re too naive to know what we want. The Ryan Reynolds of the world, for example. And then there are the guys we strive to eventually settle down with, the ones with class, worldliness and undeniable physical charm. True catches. … Continued

The Gateway Hot Girlfriend, Explained

Every time you see an ugly hot bro cycling through hot betchy girlfriends, just remember that at one point in time he was just an ugly bro without the insufferable confidence he currently has. That is, until a Gateway Hot Girlfriend came along and ushered him into the betch dating pool.  We’re here to talk … Continued

Top 10 Ugly Hot Bros

Any betch would agree that no single quality is sexier on a man than confidence a nicely sized penis. And any betch will also agree that if it weren't for both these traits, there would be no such thing as #19 ugly hot bros. To those unfamiliar with the phrase ‘Ugly Hot’ here's some help. It … Continued