Omarosa Is Already Spilling Tea About Trump On Celebrity Big Brother

It’s been less than two months since The second most famous Apprentice-star-turned-White-House-official Omarosa Manigault left her job in the Trump administration, and she’s now safely back on reality television where she belongs. She’s currently living in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and she already spilled the tea on Trump’s tweets. Omarosa wasted no time before … Continued

The Definitive Ranking Of Trump’s Twitter Feuds

When I decided at the not at all young age of twenty-one that I wanted to become a writer, I never would have thought that I’d find myself, just four years later, studiously compiling a list of all the people that the President of the United States has personally feuded with. Anytime that someone (probably … Continued

The 5 Funniest Trump Photoshops On The Internet Right Now

Trump may very well go down as the United States’ worst president (I say “may very well” because, now that he’s been elected, there’s no telling what horrors await us in future elections. Jenner 2028, anyone?), but he is also one of our most photoshoppable. If the state of the world a casual 5 days … Continued

The Official Trump Tweet Drinking Game

I think we can all agree that 2017 was the worst, mostly thanks to the fact that we had Donald Twitter-Fingers as our fucking president. Literally every day was a waking nightmare as we waited to see what petty drama our Commander in Chief would start on Twitter. Good times. Lucky for us, alcohol exists. … Continued

The Official Ranking Of Trump’s Worst Tweets

Trump didn’t win the popular vote, but he should definitely win the award for “World’s Pettiest Twitter Troll.” It’d be one thing if he was actually good at throwing shade, but he can’t even pull off being a raging bitch. Like, how do you fuck that up? I’m pretty sure I threw shade before I … Continued