Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Zombies?

There are many ways the world can end, and we’re not convinced it hasn’t already, tbh. Our least favorite way, however, is anything that involves zombies. What is it about zombies that everyone’s so obsessed with? Look, we kind of get vampires because True Blood is a good show and Buffy & Spike were one … Continued

True Blood Recap: I Wanna Dance With The Elder

If all the boobs and vag I saw on True Blood last night weren't all B cups I swear I would have thought I accidentally DVRed Cathouse 6: Bloody Bitches. It's just that I am so over Lilith and her bushy crotch, and Sam Merlotte's ass is so 2010. But we must admit, the way … Continued

True Blood Recap: This Show Sucks

So maybe I don’t fully know what the fuck is going on in this episode because I’m still coming down from my booze induced week long July 4th Hamptons coma, but like holy shit was it fucking confusing. For a second I seriously questioned what kind of drugs are being taken in that writing room, … Continued