Serena Williams Slayed Your Whole Life This Weekend

This weekend was the end of Wimbledon, the betchy tennis tournament where players have to wear white, and the crowd just casually gets hammered on Veuve. There was no surprise on finals weekend, with queen betch of the world Serena Williams winning both the singles and doubles titles. This was Serena’s 22nd grand slam singles … Continued

Maria Sharapova Got Caught Doing Drugs

Maria Sharapova, the hot tennis betch that won Wimbledon when she was 17, majorly fucked up. Much like the stoner betch, Maria failed her drug test—but it was for the Australian Open, not a summer internship. Apparently she’s been taking meldonium since 2006 “for health reasons”: flu, heart problems, and potential diabetes. Girl, if you’ve been … Continued

Serena Williams Has No Fucks To Give For Dumb Reporters

If you haven't used the US Open as an excuse to binge drink, then you should really re-evaluate your life. Obvi Serena Williams is busy being an absolute beast at the US Open rn. Congrats on winning your sorority's, sobriety-optional, mixed-doubles tennis tournament, but this is a legit BFD. Anyways, some asshole reporter asked her … Continued

Serena Williams and Drake are Totally a Thing

Serena Williams is basically having a perfect year on the tennis court, and it looks like things are going pretty well in her personal life, too. After winning Cincinnati, the last big tournament before the US Open, on Sunday, Serena was spotted at a swanky restaurant literally making out with Drake in a private back … Continued

Novak Djokovic And Serena Williams Won Wimbledon Singles

In case you were too drunk & enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend to be paying attention, the Wimbledon finals happened and Djokovic and Serena won.  That’s so weird they never win grand slams!!!! So on Saturday Serena crushed Spain’s Garbine Muguruza (say that five times fast) 6-4 6-4.  This is the fourth straight major … Continued

Why Wimbledon Is The Betchiest Sporting Event

Break out your best whites, because Wimbledon starts this week. Whether you give a shit about tennis or not, Wimbledon should be on your radar because it’s clearly the betchiest sporting events of the year, for a few different reasons. First, it’s old as shit. The first Wimbledon was in 1877, which means this year … Continued

All Hail Queen Betch Serena For #Winning

Bow down, betches. Serena Williams is the QUEEN. Williams has been the best women's tennis player in the world for years. She just won her 20th Grand Slam title, winning the French Open on Saturday. Here are some more reasons why it's Serena's world and we all are just living in it. 

The Hottest Tennis Players You Should Be Watching Right Now

In honor of the French Open, we present the hottest male tennis players you should be following throughout the summer. Why tennis? Because tennis is WASP-y AF. As a strictly country club sport, tennis breeds a level of condescension that betches can only admire. Moreover, these professional tennis players are easy on the eyes.

Serena Williams: Betchy Athlete of the Week

If you had a childhood in America, you probably knew about the Williams sisters when you were like seven years old. You knew that they were two cute black girls with beads in their hair, and apparently they were really good at tennis. What you might not have known is that they're both still around, … Continued