Betches Guide to Sunday Morning Regrets

We’ve all been there: four too many tequila shots, two too many vodka sodas, and one really unnecessary AMF has you questioning your existence and begging for relief from the jackhammer that now lives inside your head. Listen up, betches, it’s time we address those Sunday morning regrets by teaming up with the good folks at Comedy Central.  … Continued

How to Handle Your Life Falling Apart on a Sunday

You wake up on a Sunday morning and realize the blacked out fairy tale that is Thursday-Saturday is over. The regrets start to wash over you before you can even look at your Snapchat story to see what dumb shit you did for the past 48 hours. To make yourself feel better just know if … Continued

The 5 Stages Of A Betch’s Sunday

Maybe you woke up ready to start a productive day, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from a weekend of beauty sleep. Or maybe you’re like the rest of us and you woke up with a dead phone battery and three empty pizza boxes next to your mascara-stained pillow. We’re talking about Sunday morning, betches. Sunday is … Continued

The Betches’ Guide to the Walk of Shame

There’s nothing that screams Sunday morning regrets louder than waking up close enough to home that there’s no point in calling an Uber but far enough that fifteen people, including at least a few you know, are going to see you. This level of regret only compiles when you wore heels out the night before. … Continued