The Types Of Girls You Meet During Sorority Rush

Whether you’re a bright-eyed freshman who just discovered what jungle juice is, or an alum who used her sorority connections to get a job, you’ve experience rush. And if you didn’t want to join a sorority, well…bye? I don’t know what to tell you, but you’re not going to get this one. You’d probably still … Continued

Betches Guide To Freshman Orientation

Every year at the end of summer, betches in training get ready to start their college education and become full-fledged betches. The first week is the most important. We’re talking about freshman orientation. Sure, you’ve been to sleepaway camp and maybe even a senior trip to Europe, but college is the first time you’ll really … Continued

Obetchuary: Lilly Pulitzer

Yesterday the world said goodbye to one of the best dressed betches in American history, Lilly Pulitzer. In honor of the crowned Queen of Prep's life we write this obetchuary in her memory. Lilly Pulitzer was a New York City socialite who went to Chapin and married the grandson of the bro that founded the … Continued

How To Succeed In Rush By Trying Way Too Fucking Hard

Hey betches. Do you have a shitty personality and a fugly face? Do you have a horrible wardrobe and conversational skills on par with a brick wall? Do you have a mother with no dreams of her own who would like to live vicariously through your success in college? Despite all of these things do … Continued