The 10 Betchiest Holiday Vacation Spots

Finals will be over super soon, which means it’s almost time for holiday vacation season. Sitting at home in the cold for four weeks sounds awful, so we’ll be jetting off with our family for something a little more interesting. Here’s where you should be headed in December if you’re a true betch.

Vail: Betches Love This City

For a lot of betches, more freezing temperatures isn’t exactly what you had in mind for a dead of winter vacay. But, since for some reason your mom didn’t take your expert advice to go to the Maldives for President’s Day Weekend seriously, you’ve found yourself wondering what the fuck you’re going to do in … Continued

Gus Kenworthy: Betchy Athlete of the Week

As the weather gets colder, who better than a beautiful Olympian skier to warm us up? Gus Kenworthy is the drool-worthy poster child of winter sports. He's a freestyle skier who competes competitively in slopestyle and the halfpipe. Bonus, he brought home the silver medal for Team USA in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, so … Continued

Sub-Zero Yoga Is The New Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is like so 2013, the new fitness trend is Ski-Ram Yoga aka sub-zero yoga to get you ready for ski season. If you thought yoga-lates was the betchiest fitness class ever, you were wrong. Ski-Ram Yoga isn't a real work out or anything, so like don't think you can start eating carbs. Basically … Continued