Kim Cattrall Put Sarah Jessica Parker On Blast

We always loved Sex and the City, but honestly the drama between the ladies has been even better since the show ended. This weekend, Kim Cattrall blasted Sarah Jessica Parker on Instagram, and we’re still recovering. In the past, Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones, if you’re new here) has been open about not always having the … Continued

The 10 Articles You Loved Most In 2017

It’s been quite a year over here at Betches. We’ve had a lot of highs, and I guess some lows because nobody is perfect, not even me (or so my therapist says). If we make it into 2018, we’ll definitely look back at this past year as important—probably for bad reasons, like this was the … Continued

The Most Ridiculous Sex And The City Quotes

Let’s be honest, back in the day Sex And The City taught us everything we ever needed to know about girl friends, boyfriends, cosmos and being absolutely ridiculous. It was simultaneously the most educational and unrealistic show of the 2000’s—so today we’re paying homage to our absurd spirit sister, Carrie Bradshaw and her BFFs. Okay, … Continued

Our 10 Favorite Redheads Ranked In Honor Of St. Patrick’s Day

There’s nothing I love more than a holiday that encourages you to get shitfaced off green beer as an excuse to celebrate a part of your heritage that represents 2% of your genetic makeup. Seriously. I’m sure my great-great grandfather’s step-sister’s,cousin’s child who actually fucking lived in Ireland would be v proud of me for … Continued

‘Will & Grace’ Is Officially Coming Back To TV

Stop everything: Will & Grace is coming back for a 10 episode reunion season, but it won’t be Just Jack. Back in September, the cast filmed a pro-Hillary ad during election season, and NBC realized they had lost the best thing that had ever happened to their network (sorry not sorry @ The Voice). So … Continued

A Third ‘Sex And The City’ Movie Is Happening

“At 2:35 am he texted me ‘U up?’ and I wondered, in a city that never sleeps wasn’t I always up for Big?” True story, that’s an excerpt from the new Sex and the City movie. No I’m not trolling you, there’s officially going to be a third SATC movie. I can’t decide if this is … Continued

You Can Finally Get Carrie Bradshaw’s Shoes

Ever since the days of Sex and the City, people have always been envious of Sarah Jessica Parker for her incredible shoes. Well, we were technically jealous of Carrie Bradshaw for her shoes, but they’re essentially the same person so whatever. In true enterprising celebrity fashion, SJP is now aiming to make a few bucks … Continued