Jennifer Lawrence Was Kind Of A Jerk To A Golden Globes Reporter

In terms of celebrity lionizing, Jennifer Lawrence is right up there with Beyonce and Adele in the “people will fucking cut you if you don’t like them” department. She’s attractive! She’s funny! She’s remarkably awkward in the most photographically opportune moments! She’s also, as it turns out, kind of a jerk if you’re a reporter: … Continued

Betches & The Carlton Hotel NY Book Party

Last week the Carlton Hotel in midtown Manhattan hosted a book signing, cocktail hour, and styling party to honor Betches Love This, our book Nice is Just a Place in France, and our friends in the media.  The Caravan Stylist Studio, an independent styling studio and hub for influencers within the Carlton Hotel provided a … Continued

Wael Davis Interview: The Creators of Betches Love This

Article by Wael Davis January 27, 2012 They have taken Twitter, Facebook and the web by storm! has secured it's place in social media culture by being bold, funny and relatable. In an exclusive interview the creators of tell me what is takes to be a betch and what's next. Check out the … Continued Ask The Betches

Interview with October 28, 2011 I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve woken up on a Monday morning after a weekend of belligerent debauchery, wondering how I survived the weekend and praying that my antics didn’t wind up on facebook. Once I do a quick FB search, I usually head to … Continued

Huffington Post: Lessons in Being a Betch

Article by Annie Stamell September 27, 2011 You could call me crazy and weird and bossy and nerdy and neurotic and definitely adorkable (thanks for mainstreaming my jam, New Girl marketing team) but one thing I am not is bitchy. So indulge me while I get bitched at and bitched out and then totally betchified … Continued

Chatelaine: Do nice girls really finish last?

Article by Rebecca Eckler September 15, 2011 “But she’s such a handful,” I said to my boyfriend. We were talking about a couple we knew and had just run into. I could not, for the life of me, figure out what this man saw in this woman, who is demanding, bossy, and abrasive. Meanwhile, I … Continued