Your Ultimate Weekend Playlist

There are two types of people on Thursday: the ones who say they’re only going for a few happy hour drinks and end up blacking out and calling in sick to work on Friday, and lame “responsible” people. Obviously, if you’re reading this article and this site in general, we are only concerning ourselves with the … Continued

Studies Show Pregaming Makes You Poor And Stupid

Pregaming is an absolute must before any social function, including but definitely not limited to birthdays, dinner with your parents, brunch, and Thursday afternoons. First dates are exempt only because you’ll be ordering on someone else’s tab so you need enough room in your stomach to load up on free booze at dinner. In fact, … Continued

TBT: Not Getting Hangovers

Whoever said that “youth is wasted on the young” was def referring to binge drinking. At least that’s how we feel while reminiscing on the days we could intake absurd amounts of shitty liquor and suffer zero physical consequences as a result. The times of drinking without getting hangovers were fleeting, but some of the … Continued

The Betches x Rozes Halloween Playlist

Do you need a good Halloween playlist? Of fucking course you do. So we teamed up with Rozes—the betch who sings on The Chainsmokers’ hit “Roses”—to create the perfect Halloween playlist for you and your besties. Raver betches have def heard of her already, but now she’s released her own single, “Under the Grave” (you … Continued

Listen To The Tigerlily x Betches Exclusive Playlist

Do you need something to pregame to? Are you sick of listening to “Closer” on repeat? JK, no, we know that’s not possible. BUT if you need something to drink to—so like, some casual everyday listening—we teamed up with Tigerlily to give you that playlist. Who is Tigerlily? Glad you asked. The Australian DJ recently … Continued

Quiz: What Song Should You Get Ready To?

Given that it’s Friday, it’s absolutely imperative that you take this quiz. I mean, you wouldn’t want to get ready to the wrong song—it could fuck up your whole night. But don’t worry, The Betches are always looking out for you.  

Jennifer Lawrence Puking At An Adele Concert Is All Of Us

Like any betch who pregamed too hard, Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t make it through an Adele concert before she started puking. Celebrities, they’re just like…well, you get it. Unlike your friends, who gave you a hair band and a bottle of war and continued belting out “Someone Like You” while texting her, Jenn’s friends are way … Continued