Here’s How That Caffeine Bracelet Works

Attention iced coffee addicts (aka all of you): behold the Joule Caffeine Bracelet, an indiegogo campaign that casually raised more than 360% of their original fundraising goal to create a bracelet that literally puts caffeine directly into your bloodstream. But why would I want to put caffeine directly into my bloodstream? Won’t my barista be … Continued

The Betches’ Guide To Hating Your Job

So you hate your soul-sucking job (or career). Congratulations, you’re among the 70% of Americans who feel the same way about the way they make their money. Maybe it’s the day-to-day grind that really gets you down. You have things to do, but they bore the hell out of you. Maybe you work for a … Continued

DGAF January (Our Response to Dry January)

Every year around the first week of January, all the boring losers decide that for whatever reason, in order for it to be ‘their year’ this year, they’re going to give up drinking alcohol. Lol, good one. Sober January (or Dry January, or Boring AF January) has been around for years, and every year we … Continued

An Open Letter to People who are “Doing Work”

Dear people who think they’re working harder than literally anyone else, You know that really successful, fit, happy person who is always posting amazing updates about their career or and lifestyle on social media?  You know, that person you admire in real life because their Facebook posts tell you constantly how amazing they are. What’s … Continued

How To: Skip Class Like a Betch

If you’re still in school, then skipping class is probably an important part of your daily life.  You live in a constant limbo between your teacher threatening you and wanting to get an extra hour of sleep.  Here are some important things to remember so you can go to a minimum amount of class but … Continued

How To Survive College Winter Session

As a betch in college, you know just how shitty being home for a long period of time can get. You’ve exhausted all your options of avoiding people you hate at home and you’re fucking bored. You've had just about enough of your mom telling at you to be “productive” (finishing a season of Friends … Continued