What Guys Really Think Of Your Eyebrows

Growing up a closet case in the suburbs of Albany, NY I never dreamed that one day I would be an authority on eyebrows, but fortunately for both of us I got out of there and now have brows that will make me look like the missing Kardashian-Jenner. Straight men pretend not to care about … Continued

Who The Fuck Is Kim Davis And Why Should We Care?

So, if you’re like me, your feed as been flooded with this dumpy ass bitch named Kim Davis who hates gays and DGAF what her hair looks like, apparently. Kim Davis’ journey to go from fugly, hateful nobody to fugly, hateful somebody started at the beginning of the summer, which means you might just be … Continued

Can Gay Guys Be Betches? Dear Betch…

Hey Betches, I’m a gay guy and I was reading your book (which I think is Bible) and I noticed a part that mentioned a gay BFF. I was wondering if gay guys can be Betches too? I mean I have perfect fashion sense and can befriend girls better than 99% of the male population. That means I can … Continued

Why Betches Love Their Gay Uncles (Guncles)

Every betch is always the most fabulous person in her family, unless of course she has a gay uncle. Betches love their guncles because they’re always more hammered, unfiltered and inappropriately hilarious than she is. In other words, guncles just make a betch look good. The guncle is the self-proclaimed most important member of the … Continued

The Betchiest Moments of Pride Weekend

This past weekend, betches and their Gay BFFs took to the streets of pretty much every major city to celebrate Pride Weekend. The Damiens of the world proved that they know how to throw a party and the betches decked out in rainbow colored tutus to show their appreciation. But obvi, when there is that … Continued

I’m Over It: Sorry I’m Not Sorry

In the history of TTH and pathetic attempts of nicegirls to seem less nice, there is one slogan that embodies the movement of faux-betchery that simply must GTFO. I’m sure all of you know exactly what I’m talking about, because you, probably standing in line at Starbucks or checking insta during class, just overheard some … Continued