A Frat Party Was So Insane Even The Air Was Wasted

A frat at American University threw the most insane party, but pump the brakes on your FOMO. Like any frat house, it was legit 100 degrees inside and people were hiding in closets from the cops—unsuccessfully, I might add. Allegedly the police only found 3 kegs, so I want to know what these people pregamed … Continued

Dartmouth Bans Hard Alcohol Sealing It’s Fate As Suckiest Ivy

Dartmouth College, already everyone’s last-choice Ivy League college (ok, maybe Penn…), has a problem: Fucking kids these days don’t respect the high-falutin’ institution of learnin’, and would instead rather party. The solution to this grave anomaly among colleges? Ban hard liquor from campus! No, seriously: “We do not need hard alcohol at Dartmouth. In fact, … Continued

Frat Bros At Wisco Caught Drugging Girls’ Drinks

In recent news, the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are allegedly using a color-coded system to roofie girls at their parties. Their attempt to get girls to like them resulted in three females and one male being hospitalized after a party at the TKE house. The report issued by local … Continued