A Definitive Ranking Of The Betchiest LaCroix Flavors

In the past few years, LaCroix has gone from something I’d only vaguely heard of before to literally taking over the world. Betches have ridded their fridges of Diet Cokes (JK not really) and flavorless flat water (God forbid) and replaced them with brightly colored cans of effervescent deliciousness. The good news? All LaCroix is … Continued

Diet Coke Might Be Making You Fat, So We’re All Screwed

Well betches, looks like the happy hope that was the beginning of a new year has already come to a life-shattering end: Scientists just discovered that despite the word “diet” being plastered over a beverage label, the drinks themselves aren’t much healthier than their sugar-filled counterparts. According to researchers at Imperial College in London, “Sugar-free … Continued

A Definitive Ranking Of The Betchiest Chasers

So imagine this: you’re running late for a Saturday night out (shocker). A quick scan of your pantry reveals nothing except Velveeta mac and cheese and 2-year-old crackers. With your false eyelashes only partially applied and dropping dangerously into your eye, you realize you fucking forgot to get chasers for the pregame. Fast-forward ten minutes … Continued

I Actually Agree With Taylor Swift On Something

Since yesterday, the internet has been pouring over Diet Coke spokesperson and occasional musician Taylor Swift’s 73-question interview with Vogue, and rightly so—Taylor Swift is a national treasure, and we should all be honored to have a peek into her glamorous, tchotchke-filled life. But most importantly, we learn that Taylor Swift’s favorite “cocktail” is a … Continued

Diet Coke Got The Makeover Nobody Asked For

In the grand tradition of betchy sleepovers, Diet Coke got a makeover. But much like Tai in Clueless, it didn’t really work out. If anyone knows a marketing intern at Coca-Cola, please alert them to this mess. The new marketing campaign redesigned the cans to make them all look the fucking same. Like blonde freshmen … Continued

What Your Brunch Drink Says About You

Brunch is our favorite day of the week because the combination of day drinking and eggs benedict give us a reason to put pants on on Sundays.  Like a fortune teller reads tea leaves, you can tell a lot about a betch by what beverage she orders at brunch.