What To Expect At A Las Vegas Strip Club

Through an unforeseen string of events, I ended up in Vegas this past weekend. Let’s just say a breakup and March Madness were involved. Some say the best revenge is living your life well, but who has the patience for that? Making money and partying is a solid plan B. After ghosts of formals and … Continued

Did Leo and Rihanna Make Out in A Paris Club?

According to internet accounts from real life accounts, probably, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna were seen kissing in a club in Paris. Hold up, back up. One account has them “kissing” but it should be noted that this account was in Page Six and like, I mean. Whatever the truth is, it does seem like Rihanna … Continued

Johnny Manziel is a Fucking Idiot

Here’ssss Johnny! Back in the headlines as America’s dumbest quarterback. But let’s rewind. We love Johnny Fucking Football. The former betchy athlete of the week has turned his career of throwing footballs aorund into one of the most absurd lifestyles. After last season spent riding the bench, the former Heisman winner did a stint in … Continued

Scott Disick Is Doing Strip Club Appearances Now

Scott Disick, who is arguably the betchiest Kardashian, has taken it to a new level of ridiculous and will headline a strip club next month.  Lord Disick is making $50,000 for an appearance at the Crazy Horse in Pompano Beach, Florida, which should make you feel all kinds of emotions (jealousy, disgust, anger, etc.). If … Continued