Beyoncé’s Mom Is A Cool Mom On Instagram

Most mom Insta accounts are filled with annoying pictures of either their kids or their post-Soul Cycle smoothies. But as we all should have expected, Beyoncé’s mom is not a regular mom; she is definitely a cool mom—Tina Knowles’ Instagram is hilarious. First, even her typical, shitty mom videos of random things are so funny … Continued

6 Betchy Things We Learned From Our Moms

This Sunday is a special day when we remember the woman who gave the gift of us to the world. Our moms were the original betch, and though at times we may disagree on things like whether social media is a real job or not, our moms taught us many things, including the following.

Science Says Being Too Close To Your Mom Can Make You Depressed

Pretty much every betch has either diagnosed another girl or been diagnosed as suffering from “daddy issues.” Women with daddy issues are prone to blowing guys in frat bathrooms, blacking out at sophomore spring fling, and purposefully fucking up in school. Think Serena Van Der Woodsen and Marissa Cooper. But nobody really talks about “mommy … Continued