How To Spot A Social Climber

There are few things more annoying than a social climber. Unfortunately, there’s a big chance you’ll have one of these in your friend group at some point or another.  Social climbers are the worst because they often come in as just another betch, and they always have a good excuse for having no friends of … Continued

Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Are New BFFs

We have some really fucking great news. No, health insurance hasn’t started covering cosmetic Botox as a medical necessity, but Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are new besties. Fueling our friendship-envy, Amy tweeted some pics from their vacay together, where she and JLaw tandem jet-skied. Need I say more? Obv this is a totally monumental … Continued

How To: Handle A Friend Breakup

By the time they hit college, betches have a pretty good understanding of how romantic breakups work. They start with a lot of yelling, then you ice each other out on social media, then you get in at least one huge fight while drunk followed by angry sex and hate each other until you both … Continued