What It’s Really Like To Work In An Office All Summer

It’s summer. You wake up in the morning and smoke weed immediately check your weather app to see it’s going to be a very casual 95 degrees. Dope. You put on your shortest lil booty shorts and your cutest tank and head off to work – the office manager can deal with your violations of the … Continued

Cold Weather Is Actually Helping You Get Skinnier

Because betches are always naturally cold, we’ve always felt like we’ve been at a major disadvantage during the winter time. I mean, while we’re shivering our asses off and chugging all the hot beverages, all of these lucky fat people and women going through menopause have it easy. It’s so tough having these genes. Luckily … Continued

You’re Always Cold Because Men Are The Worst

If you took a shot for every time you said “I'm cold” each day, you'd probs be blackout by lunch. Well, it turns out that office temperatures are purposefully kept at an Arctic blast because men are assholes. Apparently, back in the 1960s men wore wool suits all the time, think Don Draper on Mad … Continued