Sworkit Lets You Work Out With Your iPhone

You may still have a membership to Equinox, but if you’re actually going full Fergie and working on your fitness, you’re probably on Sworkit. Gym memberships are great for when you need an excuse to put on a full workout outfit and also when you’re like out of Kiehl’s at home, but everyone knows that gyms are scams and a waste of time.

The Sworkit app is basically a personal trainer in app form, but it actually works. Remember when you tried to do Insanity for like, five days and then woke up hungover and just never went back? Sworkit is like super forgiving because you don’t have to look Shaun T. in the eyes and feel bad when his entire class is killing it while you’re struggle city. No, Sworkit has exercises very similar to Insanity, but instead of watching a room of fit people doing the thing, it’s just one person on your phone walking you through the exercise.

The best part about Sworkit is that you can customize your exercises down to short 15 minute workouts. Or like five minutes, if you’re like in a rush, which you probably are. A British lady talks you through your workout and it’s basically the Pandora of workout apps.

Just like you can pick songs and genres on your Spotify or Songza, you can start in four categories: Yoga, Stretching, Cardio, and Strength. Ugh, why didn’t we think of this ourselves, it’s so simple. Actually, that’s what the S stands for in Sworkit: “simple”. A little bit of a Dad name, but we’ll take it.

Since it’s already connected to an app, you don’t even have to like track your progress. We love that it lets us not do work while still doing work. Unlike expensive video workouts that take months to get through (I mean who has the time), Sworkit is constantly being updated so you can like, sample whatever type of workout you’re in the mood for today.

In the time it took to read this you probably could’ve Sworked it. Seriously, we’re just thrilled somebody found a way to take the thing we love the most (our phones) and make it a tool to keep us hot. Who wouldn’t love one more reason to never put down your iPhone?


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