A New Website Tells You If Your Boyfriend Has Tinder

If you’re a little bit of a paranoid betch, you’ve probably often wondered if your boyfriend (or some guy you talked to once at a party) is secretly using Tinder. Well it appears that this is a common question, because someone has come up with the genius idea of Swipe Buster, a new website that charges a $5 fee, then looks up whatever name, age, and location you want to find out about. The $5 is annoying, but that’s a small price to pay to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

While the guy who started Swipe Buster doesn’t see any problem with what he’s doing, Tinder is, understandably, not thrilled. They said that the info Swipe Buster uses is publicly searchable, but they’re working on a way to protect their algorithms and shit so that other sites can’t do shit like this. In the mean time, ladies, if you find your man on Tinder, just be glad it’s not Ashley Madison. That shit is the big leagues.


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