Sushi Seki Downtown: Go For The Sushi’s Sake

Sushi Seki Rating: 8/10

Food: 3.5

Service: 2

Atmosphere: 2.5

Last night we ventured to Sushi Seki Downtown aka the newer version of the uptown OG Sushi Seki, because clearly no one is down to go all the way to the UES when there's like, more important shit to do. Overall we highly recommend it for its freshness and just general quality. They take reservations, and if you don't have one we recommend going on the early side before it gets extremely crowded and you have to sit at the bar, gasp. As far as Japanese goes, there's nothing that insane about Sushi Seki or any specific things that you MUST try, but we definitely recommend going for one of the better sushi experiences (yes, it's so much more than a meal, duh) that you can have in NYC. 

The Service

No complaints here as I barely even noticed the service, meaning there was nothing that pissed me off. Everyone knows the best service is that which you don't even notice, except when they're giving you free shit (of course).

The Atmosphere

The crowd is a mid-30s, businessperson type. Lots of little Patrick Batemans running around. The people seemed slightly younger less haughty than the real housewives crowd that frequents the uptown locale. It was also a notably spacious restaurant, unlike a lot of top sushi places where you're crammed next to a million people and putting your ass in their face trying to squeeze between your tables upon leaving the restaurant. Yeah, none of that here.

How is the instagram lighting? Great, and the sushi is decently photogenic. Plus it's bright enough to actually see your food, which is of course not as important as instagramming it, but still a plus.

Will I run into a celebrity? Yes, maybe a Sean Penn. I could also see a Bravo Andy.

Price: $$$

Neighborhood: Chelsea

The Food

Many people would recommend getting the omakase at Seki and they would be absolutely correct. However we ordered a la carte because like, control issues.

Seaweed salad – This isn't a regular seaweed salad, it's a cool seaweed salad. The seaweed was sort of thick and the dressing was around the edges so you could regulate how much dressing you put on each bite. Looks kind of gross in the picture but just TRUST us.

Akadashi soup – Tastes like miso soup, but with beans. Nothing cray.

Zaru soba – Aka cold buckwheat noodles with sauce. This was plain, especially because the sauce tastes kind of just like soy sauce. It wasn't bad but not a must-order unless you have a friend with a really lame palate. 

Goma Ae – This is a fancy term for spinach with cold sesame sauce. It was really thick and peanutty and we loved it. Imagine cold Chinese peanut sesame noodles but instead of carbs it's spinach. Heaven.

Fatty tuna – The only time we are trying to eat something with the word 'fatty' in the name. This tastes like it was just plucked from the sea literally one minute ago and put on my plate. I will be craving this for many days to come.

Kanpachi jalapeno – The yellowtail was cut a little too thick and the pieces of sushi were a little warm. No, not due to the jalapeno. 

Salmon with sauteed tomato – Another ridic piece of fish. I really dk what genius decided to lightly fry a tiny little slice of tomato and put it on top of my salmon but Mensa should immediately email them a membership card.

Yuzu miso cod – My restauranteur guru once dropped the truth bomb that you can tell a lot about a restaurant by its cod. Fortunately in this case, the cod was very good. “It was no Nobu, but it'll do,” said Codfucius.

Restaurant Info

208 W. 23rd Street



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