Suri Cruise Is 10, Which Means You’re Old

Think back to ten years ago: your phone wasn’t smart yet, some of you were still in elementary school, and you probably had at least three pairs of Ugg boots. Elsewhere in America, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were busy being the couple of the century. He had lured her into Scientology, and all seemed right in the world. This week, celebrity baby icon Suri Cruise turned 10.

Suri, who has been a fashion icon for nearly her whole decade, kept it casual at her birthday party in a cute striped sundress. Her family (no Tom Cruise in sight) and two friends had a ‘birthday luncheon’ at Tavern On the Green in New York, where they ate hamburgers and Georgetown cupcakes all afternoon. Okay, so maybe Suri doesn’t know how to plan a rager just yet, but she’s still got a few years to learn.

The day before, Tom Cruise had hosted a separate party for Suri that was at a fucking Dave & Buster’s. Of course this is a more typical party for a 10 year old, but Suri doesn’t necessarily seem like the kind of kid that would enjoy arcade games.


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