There is a Village In India Where Women Can’t Own Cell Phones #KillMe

You know how when they put soymilk in your latte but you wanted skim, and you’re just like FML because waiting for them to remake it is making you 3 minutes late to class? Well, maybe we should all ease up a bit on our dumb AF baristas because that actually might not be the worst thing in the world after all. For example: In India, there is a small village where young women and girls are not allowed to OWN a cell phone—not even use a cell phone, fucking own.

In Suraj, India, unmarried women and girls are not allowed to own cells phones. Apparently, they are doing this to protect girls from “men harassing” them. Hmm kinda makes sense, makes it impossible to receive all those unwanted dick pics. But then there’s the whole thing of what if you’re in trouble or lost or need an Uber, but oh wait, you aren’t allowed to OWN a cell phone by law, so you are shit out of luck. So yeah, I’ll take the dick pics and my freedom please.


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