Sunset Hair Is Now a Thing

​First there was the purple/almost gray hair dye. Then came the mermaid hair and the glitter roots. Now, sunset hair is a thing.

Search #sunsethair on Instagram and you’ll see tons of adventurous betches with brightly colored hair. Sunset hair pulls from, you guessed it, the colors of a sunset – bright oranges, yellows, blues, pinks, and purples. Think My Little Pony meets Ombre.

Gone are the days where Goth girls roamed the Earth, dying their hair neon pink and/or purple to openly express their daddy issues. Now, it’s kind of hard to spot the weirdos in a world where Sunset Hair is a thing.

Obvi, the more natural colors obviously look better and are the colors an edgy betch should adhere to when considering this trend.

That being said, this look is perfect for the betch longing for the summer months. Sunset hair is considerably cheaper than booking a flight to Cabo.


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