All The Summer Shows You Need To Be Watching

So it’s almost summer, which means TV networks are having their upfronts and like, announcing what’s going to be on TV next fall. It’s like they don’t want you to forget they exist while you’re on vaca on the coast of Ibiza. It’s so hard to pay attention to all the new shows coming out, so instead of doing that we just rounded them up for you.

1. The Good Place (NBC)

Even though we haven’t cared about NBC since like, Friends, Veronica Mars AKA Kristen Bell leads this show and we’re kind of into it. Because it’s about a woman who dies and goes to heaven, but like, on accident. Much like that time I ended up at DMX’s VIP table accidentally, the main character is like, not sure why she’s there but she’s not about to leave. Heaven seems a little lame at first because you can’t swear, but it balances out because hangovers don’t exist. Anyways, this show looks fun and the trailer made us laugh.

2. Making History (Fox)

Maybe it’s because we’re still not over Hamilton (and we never will be?) but the idea of Adam Pally and Yassir Lester traveling back in time to the American Revolution is something we’d watch TF out of. Also Leighton Meester plays Adam’s girlfriend AKA Paul Revere’s daughter. No sign of Serena in the trailer, but maybe they’ll time travel to the future and rewrite the past so Gossip Girl never ended. 

3. This Is Us (NBC)

Honestly, this trailer had us on the fence at first because like WTF is this show about? People that are 36 years old? Okay lol. That’s about as vague as doing a show that’s like all humans. Great. But we watched the trailer again, and it’s kind of sweet. So we don’t hate it that much, and it’s kind of chill that we’re not sure what the show is because there’s less pressure for it to be exactly what we want it to be. Plus Mandy Moore’s in it and like, she deserves this.

4. Downward Dog (ABC)

We wonder if the creators of this show took an Instagram account of a dog and said, “hey this is popular, can we make a TV show out of it?” And so they did. And it’s kind of working? The show is basically about a dog through the dog’s point of view. If the name is any indication, his owner is a basic bitch. But the characters seem funny and comedians Barry Rothbart and Kirby Howell-Baptiste are in it, so it should be fun.

5. Still Star-Crossed (ABC)

Shonda Rhimes is behind this, and everything she touches is gold. The show’s based on Melinda Taub’s book and it’s basically what happens after Romeo and Juliet do their little romantic murder-suicide thing. The Capulets and Montagues are both like, “ugh so much drama” and…I mean, that’s like the whole premise, but because it’s Shonda Rhimes there’s probably a lot of hot romances and probably a ton of people keeping secrets. 

You probably won’t remember any of these show names, but if any of these stick around they might be worth checking out. Much like we don’t remember names until like the third date, there’s no point in getting invested in any of these shows if they’re just going to get cancelled. Proceed with caution.


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