A Strongly Worded Letter to People Posting New York Fashion Week Pics

Dear NYFW Pic Posters,

We get it, you live in NYC and it happens to be Fashion Week. But don’t think that we think that you are a “fashion-insider.” Oh no, if you are not posting selfies with Anna Wintour and North West crying in the background, we are not impressed. All your blurry creeper shots of C-list celebs and their “street style” are saying is that you snuck out of your office during lunch to creep on strangers. So please stop. We’ve had enough.

Unless you are sitting front row, you are not allowed to post anything #NYFW. I’m pretty sure the ghost of Coco Chanel is currently haunting anyone who disobeys this cardinal rule, so beware. (But hey we’re only human so the rules are a little looser when it comes to Snapchat; it isn’t permanent anyway.)

If you happen to see Kanye out of the corner of your eye on the streets on NYC this week, take the picture but think hard about whether you should post it or not. If it looks like one of those photos the FBI takes of a fugitive trying to escape and the only thing you can clearly make out are his custom pair of Adidas, don’t do it.


The Betches


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